About Me


Fancy Sensy Dancy is creating from passion and love for people of all ages.


My name is Roza and I am the founder of Fancy Sensy Dancy.

I love spending time with people and  I am extremely passionate and committed to creating fun & safe learning environment, helping to explore various senses and making humans happy!


My education is multiple.

I have Master’s degree of Resocialisation Pedagogy and Bachelor degree of Caring and Educational Pedagogy.

Also I've got Certificate of Postgraduate Studies of Special Needs Pedagogy and Preschool Education and Early Years Education. I am a PVG Scheme member.

During a lot of years experience in a variety of positions and projects, also as a volunteer I have developed strong skills in supporting people and providing the best care and play experiences possible. 

I am a full of energy, positive and ambitious person with a big imagination.

My sessions focus on development and help stimulate senses in a fun and playful way whilst building knowledge, confidence and self-esteem.


It doesn't matter what age you are, I will prepare a session for you!


We follow all COVID19 related guidelines, so you can book us with confidence and peace of mind. Click here for more information.