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Individual Sessions
for Children

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Fancy Sensy Dancy offers Unique Personal Multisensory Sessions that are tailored to each child based on their individual needs and development. They involve effective play sessions through touch, movement, body position, sight, smell, taste and sound.

Having fun, feeling safe and appropriately challenged (that is, giving the person the "right challenge", which means the challenges are personalized to meet individual interests, skills and abilities) are core elements of what I will be delivering during Sessions.

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Success and trust are also important motivating ingredients to start your/your child's journey with Fancy Sensy Dancy.


Let your child explore and play at their own safe pace with a wide range of sensory, fun and educational devices that deliver positive results!

No time for activities with your child?

No ideas to keep loved ones busy?

Too tired and impatient to play?


Fancy Sensy Dancy is happy to help!

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The Benefits

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Fancy Sensy Dancy's sessions provide opportunities for creative and unstructured learning through play.

Great way for adults and children to bond as they play, share great times and experiences together.

Our sessions help children develop social skills as they learn to interact with others, take turns and make friends.

Sessions can provide experiences that enable children to manage stress and adapt to change.

Children get a unique opportunity explore, invent, reason and solve problems.

Sessions are planned around children's interests keeping them engaged and giving them the best possible start to their early education.

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