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Let's Glow Party

Let's Glow Party is Fancy Sensy Dancy's new and unique project dedicated for groups of all ages. A sensory glow party goes beyond entertainment; it offers a holistic experience that engages the mind, body, and senses, promoting overall well-being and creating lasting memories. It is especially beneficial for children and seniors – they absolutely love it!


Thanks to our disco lights, rhythmic tunes, glowing accessories, and spirited dance movements, participants can enjoy themselves using all their senses. All our parties are individually planned based on participants’ age, additional needs, and requirements so everyone will find something for themselves and have a fabulous time.

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Photos by Hawkhill House Nursing Home

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Fancy Sensy Dancy aims to provide lots of exploration opportunities and participants will have a chance to use a variety of props such as LED foam glow sticks, squishy balls, stretchy fidget noodles, glow ribbons, a giant glow-lined parachute, UV neon balloons, etc.


Our Let’s Glow Party is a totally unique and engaging experience for all participants.


Don’t wait, book it now!

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The Benefits

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Participants can express themselves creatively through dance, movement, and interaction with glow accessories. This fosters a sense of freedom and self-expression.



Glow parties provide a social setting where people can interact, dance, and enjoy the experience together. This fosters social skills, communication, and a sense of community.



Glow parties are adaptable and inclusive, catering to various age groups and abilities. The accessible nature of the event ensures that everyone can participate and enjoy.



The combination of colourful lights, music, and tactile experiences with glow accessories provides rich sensory stimulation. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with sensory processing differences.


Cognitive Function

The dynamic and stimulating environment of a glow party can engage cognitive functions, promoting alertness, focus, and mental agility.


& Curiosity

The unique environment created by glow parties encourages exploration and curiosity, as participants engage with the sensory elements and discover new ways to interact with their surroundings.



The sensory elements, combined with the rhythmic patterns of music and movement, can have therapeutic benefits, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience.



The dancing and movement associated with a glow party encourage physical activity, contributing to participants’ health, flexibility, and overall well-being.



The vibrant colours, upbeat music, and lively atmosphere can contribute to positive emotions, reducing stress, and promoting a sense of joy and celebration.


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