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Parties & Events

Fancy Sensy Dancy is the key to organizing an amazing and unforgettable event with fun-filled games and activities that are simple, well organized, safe for all children and keep the kids amused helping them celebrate a special day.

Parties are all about having fun but there are real benefits as it opens up a world of imagination and excitement, kids’ interaction and social skills will be developed as they have heaps of fun, constantly interacting with their friends.

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Fancy Sensy Dancy’s general activities take approx. 1.5h and include:

moving games with accessories

(parachute, softballs, stretchy strings, dance ribbons, foot mat etc.)
messy play (jelly or slime)
mini disco
easy craft
mini photo frame

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The place for a party is booked by the party/event’s organizer, usually, it is a home or Community Centre.

I arrive at the place 20/30 min before the party starts to set up.

The best option is to keep food and snacks away from the party room during activities.

Every child is unique so I prepare the plan individually and I am flexible and open to your suggestions or ideas.

If you want to surprise your child, give them and their guests tonnes of wonderful memories to look back on and see the priceless look on their face as they enjoy their special day don’t wait and book Fancy Sensy Dancy!

Good to know:

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Fancy Sensy Dancy will keep seniors and children creatively active and entertain them at parties and events in an organized and pedagogically tested manner.  We facilitate, oversee and guide children and seniors in team games, treasure hunts, contests, skill exercises, workshops etc.

Our experience is key in keeping everyone  happily busy in a constructive way. We always respect every  personality and set clear rules and limits in order for everyone to have a great time.


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Róża helped our school at several fundrising events/parties. The kids loved it!!! They were all engaged and happily joined all the fantastic games and activities. Róża has all it takes to provide top quality entertainment for kids: passion, creativity, professional skills and big heart. We can`t thank her enough for all of her voluntary contribution. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Sunny School

We booked Roza for my daughter's 7th birthday and she was fantastic. The kids were kept thoroughly entertained with fun games, messy play and dancing. They all had a fabulous time and made for one less stressed mummy 🙂  Roza is such a fun and enthusiastic individual and would be an asset to any future event!


Wow! Everyone absolutely LOVED Rose. So many amazing comments from our guests, everyone thought it was brilliant. The kids were totally mesmerised and it definitely kept them occupied, which wasn't easy with various ages of kids at the party. Rose is very creative and full of energy, definitely recommend, just amazing. Thank you so much!


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