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Welcome to the wonderful Fancy Sensy Dancy world, where everyone can express themselves through sensory, messy play, art, themed workshops, music, fun, movements, team games, etc.

It’s no secret that children learn through play. Spending time with Fancy Sensy  Dancy  essentially means using fun games and activities to engage and challenge kids’ social, emotional and cognitive skills. Play enables them to think, create and interact in a natural and critical manner. Through teamwork, they strengthen communication and understanding of each other. They learn about taking turns, using manners, sharing, the importance of being kind and experiencing what it feels like to receive kindness from others.

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The movement and active music part focus on songs and movement activities, rhymes using accessories like parachute, squeeze balls, stretchy strings, dance ribbons, etc. It helps develop physical skills of locomotion, agility, balance and coordination. Mini disco with lights adds fun and excitement.

The sensory and messy play explores their senses in various ways and encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving, and creativity. The most exciting for kids is slime and jelly to play with accessories in the prepared area.

Art helps them express their selves, show how unique they are, use their imagination and develop fine motor skills. All materials are prepared to use and are age-appropriate tasks.

Outdoor sessions are also possible but only in very good weather and after the prior arrangement of details and conditions of the area where the activities would take place.

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Every session is planned individually and tailored to fit your group’s needs, so I will arrange details with you to bring the best activities and benefits.

I will ask about the group’s details like the number of kids, age, preferred activities, and any special requirements. Usually, a session takes between two and three hours, but everything depends on the level/age/ kind of group needs and our agreement.


Great fun and an unforgettable sensory experience with Fancy Sensy Dancy guaranteed!

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